By Jake Rosenberg

Directed by Brad Friedman

April 26 - 29, 2018

7:30 PM – Thursday, Friday, Saturday
2:00 PM – Sunday


Two stories, two souls, connected by a dream for a better future through technology. In a compelling new work commissioned specifically for San Mateo High Drama, playwright Jake Rosenberg examines the obstacles cis- and trans women have faced – and continue to face – in their journey toward equality during the explosive evolution of Silicon Valley. In 1955, a computer visionary named Bruce struggles to realize his dream of creating a program that can fool humans into thinking it’s one of them, while in 1973, an outcast hacker named Eliza races to uncover why Bruce’s miraculous program, and its inventor, have been written out of history. Side by side, as their lives unfold and their destinies intertwine, both grapple with how new concepts of gender and technology are moving society forward faster than anyone could have prepared for. Directed by Brad Friedman.

Valley Girls Cast List

Martin BochmanJeremy Pitzer
Adele HolburtonIsabella Ellis
Betty HanrattyKelly Burke
John Murphy/Sid Adam Hilt
Ted Mossberg Joshua Moussa
Bartender Christopher Mahoney
Eliza Mauchley Erika Woolen
Reyna Makena Reynolds
IvyAlison Hagen
Martine Daria Amit
Navy Investors, Bar Patrons, Leopold’s Customers, Students:Lee Kedem, Christopher Mahoney, Keya Pardasani, Marionne Sevilla, Atiya Shah, Molly Zwiebach