By Jake Rosenberg
  • Directed by Brad Friedman

April 26 - 29, 2018

7:30 PM – Thursday, Friday, Saturday
2:00 PM – Sunday

Audition: February 20 - 22


Two stories, two souls, connected by a dream for a better future through technology. In a compelling new work commissioned specifically for San Mateo High Drama, playwright Jake Rosenberg examines the obstacles cis- and trans women have faced – and continue to face – in their journey toward equality during the explosive evolution of Silicon Valley. In 1955, a computer visionary named Bruce struggles to realize his dream of creating a program that can fool humans into thinking it’s one of them, while in 1973, an outcast hacker named Eliza races to uncover why Bruce’s miraculous program, and its inventor, have been written out of history. Side by side, as their lives unfold and their destinies intertwine, both grapple with how new concepts of gender and technology are moving society forward faster than anyone could have prepared for. Directed by Brad Friedman.

General Audition Information

The audition process can be very intimidating if you have not prepared in advance. One advantage you can have is to plan in advance. Read the plays you are going to audition for. Familiarize yourself with the score to musicals by listening to the cast recording or looking it up online and listening to songs on iTunes or YouTube. Read the audition information below to familiarize yourself with the characters and to find out what the directors want you to do for the audition, and then follow those instructions to the letter! At San Mateo High School, we expect students to come into the audition process with no expectations of what role they may be cast in and with the understanding that any role they play will be both fun and a valuable part of their theatre training. We do not allow students to inform the directors in advance of what roles they want to play. However, you can send that message loud and clear to the directors by picking a song that is appropriate to the character you want to play. We advise you to never choose a song from the show itself (unless specifically asked to beforehand), but to find songs from other shows that resemble musical numbers sung by a character you like in this show. An accompanist will always be provided at auditions, but you need to provide the music for your song in the key in which you intend to sing it. We do not like hearing you sing a cappella, nor should the accompanist be expected to transpose music into another key on the spot. Music can be found in libraries and music stores or downloaded online. Music downloaded online can often be printed out in the key you prefer. If you want to audition, you need to sign up in advance and pick up an audition form. Attached to the form will be a contract that you must read with your parents. If you understand and agree to the terms of the contract, bring it to the audition, signed by you and your parents. Students who do not bring a signed contract will not be allowed to audition. Please also bring an accurate list of any conflicts during the rehearsal period so that we may create the most advantageous rehearsal schedule. Students with too many conflicts may not be able to participate. Freshmen may audition only if they are enrolled in Drama 1 – 2 or Musical Theatre.