San Mateo High School Drama


Uncle JockoMichael Picchi
GeorgieJonathan Alberts
Baby JuneMolly Zwiebach
Baby LouiseRaina Bhargava
RoseSophia Edwards
Balloon GirlJade Lehrmann
Clarence and his clarinetDaniel Solomon
Stage mothers:Daria Amit, Gali Benjamin, Amanda Bushman, Bella Ellis, Marina Fess, Sarah Gloss, Rhiannon Jones, Isabella LaBove, Jeremy Pitzer
Stage kids:Mahal Bilaoen, Kelly Burke, Alison Hagen, Lee Kedem, Alexandra Norton, Keya Pardasani, Alex Prezeau, Erika Woollen
Rose’s PopDylan Bockholt
Rich ManDrake Kapoor
Rich man’s son (Baby Tulsa)Mahal Bilaoen
Urchin (Baby Yonkers)Jade Lehrmann
Two scouts (Baby Angie, L.A.)Alex Prezeau, Keya Pardasani
Other Boy ScoutsJonathan Alberts, Lee Kedem, Alexandra Norton, Erika Woollen
Mr. WeberTrevor Chan
HerbieRalph Shehayed
Dainty JuneMakena Reynolds
Louise (Gypsy)Teagan Reynolds
TulsaD’Angelo Reyes
YonkersWill Lipton
AngieJoshua Moussa
L.A.Nathan Basman
Mr. KringeleinJeremy Pitzer
Mr. GoldstoneDylan Bockholt
Hotel Guests: Jonathan Alberts, Daria Amit, Gali Benjamin, Amanda Bushman, Bella Ellis, Bella LaBove, Michael Picchi
WaitressErika Woollen
Miss CratchittSarah Gloss
Extra Farmboys:Jonathan Alberts, Trevor Chan, Drake Kapoor, Daniel Solomon
CowKelly Burke, Alexandra Norton
The Toreadorables:
AgnesAlison Hagen
Marjorie MayKelly Burke
ThelmaAmanda Bushman
MarilynMarina Fess
EdnaLee Kedem
GailJade Lehrmann
FloAlexandra Norton
EthelErika Woollen
PasteyJeremy Pitzer
CigarMichael Picchi
Tessie TuraRhiannon Jones
MazeppaBella LaBove
ElectraBella Ellis
Strippers:Alexandra Norton, Daria Amit, Sarah Gloss, Amanda Bushman
Chorus girls:Kelly Burke, Amanda Bushman, Bella Ellis, Marina Fess, Sarah Gloss, Rhiannon Jones, Lee Kedem, Bella LaBove, Alexandra Norton, Erika Woollen
Santa Clauses: Jonathan Alberts, Nathan Basman, Dylan Bockholt, Drake Kapoor, Josh Moussa
ReneeDaria Amit
PhilJonathan Alberts
Bougeron-CochonDaniel Solomon

Congratulations to the entire cast! There will be a company meeting for crew and cast on Monday night, November 6, in the MPR at 6:30pm. Every student should bring a parent. Parents are asked to participate in one or more of the many committees necessary to bring the play about. Cast should prepare to stay for a read-thru (till around 9 – 9:30.) Bring a pencil and a highlighter. Crew should prepare to stay for a brief crew meeting. Scripts and schedules will be given out. Please bring a checkbook to pay for scripts, dinner, the company party, t-shirts and videos. Financial aid is available to any student in need. See Dina LaBove if you have questions about this.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We appreciate your hard work and your talent.

Mr. Friedman
Ms. Tribuzi
Mr. Tribuzi

2017-2018 Season



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About SMHS DramaSan Mateo High School is the home of one of the Bay Area’s finest and most comprehensive high school drama programs. Offering courses in Drama, Musical Theatre and Cinema and Society, students are exposed to the dramatic arts in multiple forms and formats. Coursework provides students with hands-on academic opportunities in acting, directing, design and choreography (often in conjunction with San Mateo High’s highly acclaimed dance and music departments).In addition to its high-level classroom work, San Mateo High School produces 3 exceptional quality shows each year in the newly renovated state-of-the-art on-campus performing arts center. Boasting multiple awards from both San Jose Stage Company’s Top Honors and American Musical Theatre of San Jose’s Honors, San Mateo High School has developed a reputation for excellence in drama education and performance. By providing a robust drama curriculum, San Mateo High School is developing students’ skills in numerous areas emphasized by California’s recently-implemented Common Core curriculum, including real-world problem-solving, collaborative learning and communication.Most importantly, San Mateo High School’s drama program provides students the opportunity to develop a time-honored craft: telling stories, using a toolkit comprised of their voices, bodies and imaginations, while testing their maturing senses of reasoning and emotion. And, by making high-quality productions accessible to the greater San Mateo-Foster City-Burlingame community, San Mateo High’s drama students are educating the next generation of audience members.2017 – 2018 Board of Directors

Brad Friedman (Artistic Director)
Dina La Bove (Treasurer)
Jennifer Gloss (Corresponding Secretary) 
Josephine Reyes (Parliamentarian)
Dina La Bove (Administrative Assistant)

Matthew Gloss (President)
Sue Dooley (Vice President)
Martha McKenna (Recording Secretary)
John Hagen (Historian)
Ann Woolen (Community Outreach)

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Come to our monthly booster meeting the second Thursday of the month in the Multipurpose Room (old Flex Theater) at 7:00 PM.


And Then There Were None

See more photos in our SmugMug photo gallery.
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Class Syllabus

Drama One
The purpose of Drama One is to give you a chance to become better performers, theatre scholars and critics. Advanced Drama students have the opportunity to deepen their acting skills, as well as take a leadership role as improvisation team leaders and scene directors. Our curriculum is aligned to the state and district standards for theatre in which you will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in order to pass the class.Download Drama One Syllabus

Film Studies
The purpose of this class is to make you talk and think and write about art – in this case, one particular art form that we call film – and how it reflects the society in which we live. I never want you to stop enjoying watching movies; however, I hope that after this year will watch them more critically and with a better understanding of how form and content are interrelated.Download Film Studies Syllabus

Musical Theater
The purpose of Musical Theatre is to teach the history and structure of this most American form of drama. This is done through a minimum of lecture, a bit of research, and primarily through your performance of a variety of projects. For those of you who are new to this, the materials you will need are: water to drink, comfortable clothes so that you can sing and move as needed, a small recorder (if possible) to record songs you will need to sing, and a pencil to mark your materials.Download Musical Theater Syllabus


All shows performed at the
San Mateo Performing Arts Center

600 N Delaware St, San Mateo, CA 94401

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(650) 558-2375

Brad Friedman - Director

(650) 558-2348

Booster President

Matthew Gloss